9th Street Remodel

Project Specs:

Unit Count: 11 Units

Lot Area: 7,500 SF

Density: 64 Dwelling Units per Acre

Floor Area: 7,049 SF

Team: Nabih Yousef Structural Engineers, Donald F. Dickerson Associates, Parviz Ebrahimi Electrical, AH’BE Landscape Design

We Design Value: Our client bought this ‘dingbat’ property with 11 existing units in a prime location as a simple value add opportunity; rehab the existing units and exterior to bring the property up to its potential market value.  The key here was time, as our client had the cost burden of carrying vacant units, and strict financial deadlines.  Working as a consultant to KFA, Khal Khaireddin Architects was able to leverage their knowledge of the permitting processes to phase the work, allowing construction to start while the design team completed the next phase of approvals.  Our exterior design for the project was also approved by a strict design review board on the first submittal, further reducing the timeline and overall cost of the project. 


We Value Design: The approach for the design of 9th Street aimed to create an iconic façade at the street frontage, to draw pedestrians and prospective tenants to the property.  By accentuating the existing overhanging mass with a new extruded frame, subtly angled to respond to solar orientation, the archetype of the ‘dingbat’ was elevated with contemporary styling, while still retaining the roots of mid-century design.  The frame was in-filled with a sandwiched aluminum paneling and a rhythm of vertical window openings, to vary and balance the horizontally oriented façade.  Specialty exterior lighting was incorporated to emphasize the character of the building and enliven the façade at night. As you enter the property, the design language is continued into the courtyard, with lush coastal landscaping, new cable rail, and signage carrying the design concept through the property.