About Us

Khal Khaireddin Architects (K2A) is an optimistic design firm focused on generating value through design.

We believe exceptional projects are only possible when the goals of the client and architect align.  Open, respectful dialogue with our clients leads to inspired design solutions of lasting value.  We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by leveraging our unique perspective; and through our professional experience, reveal opportunities, and generate value within each project.

We understand inherently that design is not arbitrary; location, structural systems, users, environmental constraints, budget, and time frame inform a correct design solution for each project.  It is our ambition as designers and architects to utilize all the tools and technology at our disposal, to elevate the design process and its outcomes.

We understand the awesome potential of our work to impact the physical site and the communities it serves.  It is our sincere ambition to ensure that the presence of our projects elevates the quality of life for its users, and adds communal value, by establishing place through design.

K2A is always looking for qualified talent to join our team. Click Here to view our open positions.