10th Street Remodel

Project Specs:

Unit Count: 20 Units

Lot Area: 14,998 SF

Density: 58 Dwelling Units per Acre

Floor Area: 12,870 SF

Team: MAS Construction, NCE Structural Engineers, JaycoCal Engineering, Zach Vorgias Electrical, Duane Border Design

We Design Value: With a careful understanding of building codes, K2A was tasked to help innovate the multi-family housing model.  Addressing the massive shortage of housing in California, and the evolving lifestyle of millennials, we worked with our client to develop remodel unit plans which provide additional amenities for the bedrooms in each unit, creating more independent living quarters for roommates.  Through a rigorous design process, K2A was able to create code compliant, ultra-efficient living spaces which translates to lower cost housing for tenants, and aggregates into a greater economic return for our client; all while creating a unique community for like-minded individuals.  Although bureaucratic legislation is taking time to progress, the market’s demand for smaller living spaces in desirable neighborhoods is dictating a shift in the housing typologies of previous generations, and K2A is at the forefront of this innovation in housing.


We Value Design: With a simple color palette and familiar materials, the 10th Street properties were rejuvenated from a bleak existing condition, into a vibrant and lively place for tenants to live.  Pedestrians are led into the courtyard between the mirrored buildings through an entry flanked by new exterior paneling and simple illuminated address signage.  Once in the courtyard, a new integral color concrete walkway and steel stairs with glass railings create a bright experience, with natural light filtering to the ground.  Along the facades, vine cables are introduced to bring greenery onto the building, creating a living fabric around the property.