15th Street Remodel

Project Specs:

Unit Count: 10 Units

Lot Area: 7,504 SF

Density: 58 Dwelling Units per Acre

Floor Area: 8,250 SF

Team: NCE Structural Engineers, JaycoCal Engineering, Zach Vorgias Electrical, Duane Border Design

We Design Value:  With a unique existing plan for every unit at the property, K2A maximized the value for our client by designing ultra-efficient interior layouts which took advantage of the uncommon existing conditions to maximize the use of every square foot within every unit.  By incorporating additional amenities in each bedroom, K2A provided the client with an exciting new product during a period of high demand for efficient housing.  With time and cost in mind, K2A was able to permit the improvements through a by-right entitlement process, to minimize the down time of the units, and the timeline for bringing the new units back to market.


We Value Design:  Staying true to the dingbat archetype, the blank front façade at 15th Street provided an opportunity to create a unique identity for the building.  With the restrained use of an accent color, and subdued materials serving as a backdrop, aluminum light boxes dot the front façade, creating an articulated pattern of varying density.  By using typical fabrication techniques for illuminated signage, a simple pattern during the day becomes a dramatic lighting element at night, drawing residents to the property, and creating an architectural identity for their home.