K2A Offices

Project Specs:

Floor Area: 2,120 SF

Staff Count: 10 Staff

Area Per Employee: 212 SF

Team:  Khal Khaireddin Architects & KnowHow Shop (CNC Fabricators)

We Design Value: :  With the landlord’s desire to maintain the shell space in its original condition with no structural attachments, and our desire to define space through semi-temporary means, self-supporting 2x4 walls were strategically designed and framed to delineate the functional spaces of our office.  The 2x4 walls are clad in inexpensive and easily assembled polycarbonate sheets, filled with recycled denim insulation.  This wall system expresses the framing, adds texture and color to the otherwise muted shell space, and creates flexibility in its level of transparency, allowing natural light deep into the space where needed.  Through a well thought out approach, and a cost-efficient system, the walls can be moved and repurposed for any space we move to in the future.


We Value Design: With the love of craft in mind, we designed and constructed a custom reception desk and conference table as anchors for our otherwise simple office furniture.  Our reception desk seeks to balance solidity and weight, with transparency and lightness.  A laminated, CNC-milled plywood top perches over a solid-surface work space, inviting visitors to explore the finely-polished edge of the laminated plywood layers.  The slotted front reveals varying levels of opacity through its layers as one moves around it, while rows of stainless-steel fasteners express a fastidious attention to detail.  For the conference room we needed a large table to serve as a centerpiece for the meeting space in our office; the object was envisioned as a floating wood waffle slab.  The cross members begin tightly bundled at the center, and thin out as they move towards the edges, reflecting the structural logic of the design.  The light and efficient waffle sits on powder-coated steel legs and supports a 250-pound glass surface, celebrating the design and tectonics of the CNC-milled components.